Layering of skincare ingredients: a Quick Guide

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know the importance of skincare and the ingredients used. But let’s dive deeper into the art of layering these powerhouse products for maximum impact and effectiveness.


The secret? Layering your skincare based on consistency. Start with lighter, fast-absorbing products and work your way up to richer, thicker ones. This method optimizes absorption, ensuring each product works its magic without clogging pores or piling up unnecessarily.


Remember to always apply water-based products before oil-based ones. Start with serums and toners, while moisturizers and facial oils belong to the latter. Water-based products not only absorb into our skin more easily; they allow oil-based products to be absorbed better as a result. Give each layer a moment to sink in—patience pays off to give each product enough time to penetrate your skin fully.


In the daytime, cap off your routine with sunscreen. And don’t skimp—cover every exposed area with an SPF50 broad-spectrum shield for ultimate protection against UV damage.


Discover the magic of ingredient combinations. Alpha arbutin and glycolic acid? They’re a dream team. But when it comes to active ingredients like retinoids, skip the exfoliants. Remember the rule: acids first, then neutrals – for example, Vitamin C kickstarts the process, while versatile ingredients like hyaluronic acid play well with any ingredient.


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