A.M Skin Corrector Serum


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The A.M skin corrector corrects, rebalances skin tone, and diminish dark spots to impart radiant and luminous skin. Effective in preventing skin discoloration and the formation of pigmentation.
PV: 108.00

Key Benefits


Rebalance skin tone.


Reduce pores


Reduce pigmentation


Regain glow

How to apply

  1. After ampoule, apply a few drops of serum over the entire face or targetted spots.
  2. Apply twice a day- day and night to boost skin clarity.
  3. Gently pat skin lightly for maximum absorption.
  4. During the day, protect skin from harmful UV rays and pollutants by applying A.M Moisturise UV Defence

Key Ingredients

Tranexamic acid helps improve skin pigmentation and uneven skin tone with no skin irritation. It is an effective solution for pigmentation skin in Singapore.

Tranexamic Acid

Tranexamic Acid helps to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone with little to no skin irritation.

Brigtennyl helps in reducing the activity of free radicals on the skin. It is an effective solution for pigmentation skin in Singapore.


Brightenyl comprises THBG (TriHydroxyBenzoic acid Glucosides) that bears instant anti-free radical activity to the skin. It helps to reduce damages that lead to pore size enlargement and clogging.

Niacinamide consists of anti-inflammatory properties and helps inhibit the excessive production of oil. It brightens skin pigmentation and reduces uneven skin tone. This product is a powerful acne cream in Singapore.


Niacinamide consists of Anti-inflammatory properties and helps to inhibit the production of excess oil. Lightens hyperpigmentation spots and uneven skin tone.