Look Good on the Outside. Feel Greater on the Inside.

look good outside and inside

Look Good on the Outside. Feel Greater on the Inside.

Skincare IS self-care. Take this as a sign to start a skincare routine every A.M and P.M to reveal the best version of your skin and you!

With all the chaos that I have to deal with at work, in school, and the thoughts that circle around my head, I find peace in having little me-times, routines, and most importantly, doing my skincare routine. Now, this isn’t me being pretentious like I’m Tiffany Young sharing my night-time beauty routine on her tour bus. I actually LOVE dedicating some time of my day into my skincare routine.

I find that doing my skincare routine every day makes me feel better about myself and that it also gives me some time out of my day to take a breather and do some affirmations to overcome negativity from the pandemonium in my life. And turns out, it has been proven by a study that following a three-step skincare routine can dramatically reduce stress levels! So, clearly, if you haven’t made time for a skincare routine for your precious self, you should start!

Personally, I love indulging in K-Beauty products – I could vouch that they are the reason for my improved skin texture today.

What’s your skincare routine like? (Photo: Birgith Roosipuu, Unsplash)

K-Beauty, short for Korean beauty, involves gentle skincare ingredients that are aimed at creating a smooth, clear canvas of a skin. It has been around for some time now, born out of the South Koreans’ obsession for hydration, even and supple skin. It is the star of the skincare world, associated with the infamous 10-step Korean skincare routine involving steps such as the double-cleansing method, the use of ampoules and sheet masks. These steps are highly believed to promise results of youthful and dewy skin – which beauty lovers are obviously crazy about!

Dewy, glowy skin. (Photo: mindbodygreen)

Note: Think K-Pop stars like BLACKPINK members, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen photos of them with and without makeup – don’t they look flawless either way? It must’ve been made possible through their clean diet and effective skincare routine!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is one prime example of Korean beauty. (Photo: Koreaboo)

Unlike typical ingredients in Western skincare that make up harsher formulations and focus on covering up uneven skin textures, K-Beauty products focus on soothing and nourishing the skin from deep within.

They are known for being innovative and are generally inspired by nature!

For instance, they use ingredients in products that may sound strange at first such as serums with snail mucin to ampoules that include microneedles of marine solids.

Anyways, on the topic of dewy skin, glass skin is also another well-known term in the K-Beauty world. Like its name, it highlights the smooth, hydrated and luminous skin texture that one would have – comparable to what you see on a glass reflection! Well, in layman’s term, extremely dewy skin can be termed as glass skin. I’ll let you in to the secret of achieving this! The basic recipe to this skin greatness is through the magic of a simple Korean skincare routine – double-cleansing the skin with an oil-based cleanser, followed by a gentle foam-based cleanser. Stick to this habit of a routine, and you’ll find your skin in its dewiest and glassiest form ever.

So reflective. (Photo: Refinery29)

You must be wondering – ‘So, in order to build a Korean-inspired skincare routine for myself, I’ll have to use strictly Korean-formulated or Korean skincare products only?’.

Well, yes, but at the same time, not exactly!

Let me share a Singaporean-bred skincare brand that you should keep your eyes peeled on. And, of course, I’m sharing this with you because they are proudly embracing the Korean Aesthetic.

An Epiphany

Dedicated to reproducing and retailing quality skincare products, A.M Skincare is a subsidiary branched from a successful Aesthetic clinic, A.M Aesthetics. Out of a profound passion for the ever-evolving beauty movement, Dr Terence Tea embarked on a journey spanning the last few years, in curation and cultivation of this brand, which finally came to fruition in 2020.

Embracing the Korean Aesthetic

It all started in 2018, where they learnt the interests and habits of their clients who attended their parent company, A.M Aesthetics. They noticed a significant pattern; most of their clients were into rigorous skincare regimens consisting of a range of skincare products from notable brands which warrants them the highly sought-after Korean glass skin!

With that, their love for Korean skincare products grew, as so their aims to empower women with confidence through embracing this Aesthetic.


About A.M Skincare

A.M Skincare offers a range of Skincare products catered to your every need. From serums, cleansers to masks and creams, they have it all! Formulated by renowned dermatologists with cutting edge Korean technology, their products are infused with organic and beneficial extracts endorsed with years of thorough research. They firmly believe that skin care should be accessible to all, thus their prices remain affordable without compromising on quality.

And, as mentioned, they are committed to empowering women with dewy, healthy and glowing skin. “We want our products to have a positive imprint far beyond their everyday lives, to allow their strength and confidence to exude from within,” said Founder & CEO of A.M Skincare, Dr Terence Tea.

They produce and retail everyday beauty essentials apart from comprehensive solutions to skincare problems – all in efforts to provide the best options for their customers. For quality assurance, they also only manufacture their products in small batches.

Beauty for All

As of now, A.M Skincare has 11 self-manufactured products. They warrant only the best quality of ingredients, enriched with organic and nourishing extracts. For a well-thought-out range of skincare products, A.M Skincare also aims to push them out at affordable prices.

Why am I even sharing this with you, you ask? As what we have talked about earlier, A.M Skincare are formulated by Korean Beauty Tech & Formulations! You can definitely expect gentle, safer concoctions from each of their products.

They’ve got four different series of skincare products namely the A.M Anti-Acne series, A.M Whitening Series, A.M Regenerative Series and the A.M Age Reversal Series. A whole range of products – you’d definitely find one that would suit your skin best.

  1. The M Anti-Acne series are created to help people deal with their acne the best way and the best ingredients.

(Photo: A.M Skincare)

  1. The M Whitening Series is aimed to boost the radiance of the skin! If you deal with hyperpigmentation or acne scars, this is definitely for you!

(Photo: A.M Skincare)

  1. The M Regenerative Series is one that would be suitable for a lot of skin types. Made up of products that soothe, moisturise and hydrate, you can never go wrong with them.

(Photo: A.M Skincare)

  1. The M Age Reversal Series brings out your skin’s ability to stay youthful. They cover products that are high in ingredients that support collagen-building, skin moisture and firming properties!

(Photo: A.M Skincare)

Don’t their products sound enticing enough? They are now available on their own online e-commerce site and have their official stores on Shopee and Lazada as well! Check them out now – you’ll definitely find something for your skin.



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